Garri (also known as gari, garry, gali, or tapioca) is a popular West African food made from cassava tubers. The spelling ‘garri’ is mainly used in Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Benin, Togo and ‘gari’ in Ghana.[1] Either spelling is used in Nigeria. In some sub-Saharan regions of Africa, it is referred to as ‘gali’ – Wikipedia Squeezing water out of the drench Cassava Breaking down the cassava in particle.   Frying the cassava to turn Garri     Drying the final product in the sun before shipping for consumption.       Portrait of the women making Garri Read More
Between 18 – 27 years?┬áHere are things to do: Don’t let money be your priority. Work hard to be inevitable. Be part of something small with scaling potential. Work for a company where you are involved in failure and success process. Travel by road (maybe once). Volunteer for something. Take selfie/picture with a stranger Love genuinely. Try modeling (maybe once just for fun). Help an elderly person with his/her load. Learn to say am sorry. Don’t ask for money “first” when someone request your service. Learn to say thank you. Learn a skill and strive to be awesome at it. Try and create a difference anywhere you find yourself. Read More
Legs is our wheel that transport us from one location to another. Here is a documentary of different legs from Ibadan. Legs documentary by Onedot Photography.       Read More