Garri Processing: Documenting African favourite food in Ekiti

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Garri (also known as gari, garry, gali, or tapioca) is a popular West African food made from cassava tubers. The spelling ‘garri’ is mainly used in Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Benin, Togo and ‘gari’ in Ghana.[1] Either spelling is used in Nigeria. In some sub-Saharan regions of Africa, it is referred to as ‘gali’ – Wikipedia

Squeezing water out of the drench Cassava

Garri-32 Garri-28 Garri-22 Garri-23 Garri-24 Garri-26 Garri-30 Garri-29

Breaking down the cassava in particle.

Garri-20 Garri-18 Garri-19 Garri-17 Garri-16 Garri-15 Garri-14 Garri-13 Garri-12


Frying the cassava to turn Garri

Garri-10 Garri-11 Garri-4 Garri-3 Garri-1



Drying the final product in the sun before shipping for consumption.





Portrait of the women making Garri

Garri-55 Garri-58

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