As a Nigerian Wedding Photographer, you need to tell couples to play as if you’re not in the entire scheme of things, while writing their love stories through your lens. Only in that moment when you capture their truest nature richly expressed within the comfort of each other’s arms, that’s when your job as a Nigerian Wedding Photographer be given proper credit. In that moment the couples are real, natural and passionate about themselves, and this couple stories wasn’t different.   This is one of the real love story anyone would dream for. It was so full of emotions and interesting that I barely knew when it was dark nor drizzling. I will say there is a strong connection that flowed between these Lovebirds. We couldn’t stop laughing at the groom’s jokes and gestures. Love is real…a real journey begins…. Couple: Olaide and Oladimeji Photographer: Adewale Yusuf of Onedot Photography Light: Emmanuel Ogunsola Location: Yaba   Read More
Some call it love at first sight, well for us it was love at first chat. I can never forget getting a beep from my phone on the night of 18th January 2013 and there it was a message from you on Facebook. Before then, we’ve been very casual friends only wishing each other merry Christmas, happy New year and happy birthdays, but this time the message was special. Even though it simply read “just checking on you” it meant more than a million words to me and that was how it all began. We started talking, sharing and praying together. Some moments after, I asked if we could date, you said you’d have to pray about it, I got scared that I may have just ruined everything, but as God would have it, you said “yes”. Even though distance seemed like a barrier, we pray for God to make it work if it was his will. Shortly after this, I had to come to Lagos for service and exactly the same day you also had to come to Lagos for work. Was it mere coincidence or was it destiny? We had no idea, all we knew was that we […] Read More