Things to do with your life when you’re between 18 – 27 years

March 31, 2016 wexcely Documentary 0 comments

Between 18 – 27 years?┬áHere are things to do:
Don’t let money be your priority.
Work hard to be inevitable.
Be part of something small with scaling potential.
Work for a company where you are involved in failure and success process.
Travel by road (maybe once).
Volunteer for something.
Take selfie/picture with a stranger
Love genuinely.
Try modeling (maybe once just for fun).
Help an elderly person with his/her load.
Learn to say am sorry.
Don’t ask for money “first” when someone request your service.
Learn to say thank you.
Learn a skill and strive to be awesome at it.
Try and create a difference anywhere you find yourself.

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